HCL Sports

HCL for Sports

Sports is the backbone of many a life lessons such as realizing the true meaning of competition, fair play, and sporting spirit. HCL, as a part of its community initiatives, has taken it upon itself to promote sports and do its bit to inculcate a spirit of sportsmanship in society.


2019 onwards - HCL and SRFI Partner to Transform India’s Squash Ecosystem - HCL Squash Podium Program


2003 onwards - Organizes the annual HCL International Bridge Championship.

2017 - Title Sponsor for the 42nd World Bridge Championships


2023 - Launched the 1st ever professional cycling race – HCL Cyclothon Noida


2017 onwards - Partnership with the Olympic Gold Quest (OGQ) to help Indian athletes win Gold medals.

Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Boxing, Shooting, Wrestling