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HCL Cyclothon - Noida 2024

06 Mar, 2023

HCL Cyclothon Noida has potential to change Indian cycling landscape: Coach VN Singh

Noida: Cycling Federation of India Director and Chief Coach (Endurance) Vijay Narayan Singh has said the HCL Cyclothon Noida, to be held on March 19, has the potential to become a mass movement and enhance the cycling landscape in the country. He called it an exciting move with the interest of all cyclists, professional and recreational.

“Many took to cycling during Covid times and have enhanced their interest as it is an addiction. Rising early – it is best time to be on a bicycle on our roads – they have ensured that their passion for health and reducing carbon footprint are both served well. I am delighted the event will encourage not only such people but also others who have toyed with the idea of cycling,” he said.

“The HCL Cyclothon Noida will end a drought of mass participation events due to the Covid pandemic in the past three years. It comes as a refreshing change from the dry scenario. I am sure that the Indian endurance team also will draw advantage from competing in the event as they prepare for the Asian Games,” he said from Guwahati where the Indian endurance team is training.

Known in the cycling circles as ‘VN’ Singh, the soft-spoken Chief Coach said he believed that many youngsters would make the best use of the opportunity to not only showcase their talent but also learn from observing elite cyclists. “Such an event will motivate many to take cycling a bit more seriously. There will be some good lessons for everyone to learn,” he said.

Speaking of the health benefits due to cycling, VN Singh said he would prefer to highlight a few. “It is a very beneficial, low-impact cardio-vascular exercise. I have also known many diabetics to have controlled their sugar levels by embracing cycling. Besides, those who have faced knee issues have also drawn significant benefits from cycling,” he said. “The flow of blood improves  .”

He said modern work, entailing long hours with a computer, imposes a sedentary lifestyle of majority of people. “The knee ligaments get weak because of such a lifestyle. By making the muscles bend and stretch, Cycling improves muscles strength around the knee. I am quite certain that 90 per cent of the knee problems are resolved through cycling,” he said.

“The good thing about cycling is that there is no ideal age to start the sport even as a form of exercise,” VN Singh said. “In fact, it helps those who are older. When compared to walking where the knees feel the impact of the weight of a person’s body, cycling does not do so. You can start anytime and enjoy the benefits of cycling.”

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